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New Phantasy Star Game

A new game in the Phantasy Star series was announced at this years E3 - "Phantasy Star Universe".

All that has been shown of the game so far was a trailer; there is no information on which platforms it is to be on or when it is to be released.

GameSpot wrote:

"The Phantasy Star Universe trailer contained only prerendered CG footage starring characters and environments that looked stylistically similar to those seen in the recent Phantasy Star Online games. We observed one character fighting monsters with electro-blades, another animal-like warrior speeding through a desert environment, and a purple-haired girl with some resemblance to Phantasy Star II's Nei as we watched the trailer."


More details on this surprise announcement will be brought to you when they are released


50HZ Servers..

From 9th June 2004 the PSO Episode I&II players will no longer be able to play online using the 50Hz TV display option. SEGA recommends that any player using the 50Hz option immediately change their PSO settings to the 60Hz TV display.

This change does not affect players who are already using the 60Hz TV display, who do not need to take any action.

To switch to a 60Hz display, place the PSO disc in your GameCube and press the 'Reset button'. Hold down the 'B button' whilst the GameCube restarts. A message asking 'Would you like to display in 60Hz mode' is displayed. Select 'Yes'.

Further instructions can be found in your PSO Episode I&II manual. Alternatively, please contact SEGA Product



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