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Rules of Rebellion


Game: Phantasy Star online Episode 3
Format: GameCube

Teams: Two teams- Hunters and Arks
Leader's- Hunters:Tom
               Arkz': WillDogg

All players competing in {SR}Rebellion must start a new character, in doing so, they can only level this character up with other members of their faction (Hunters OR Arkz'). Further more, if the player decides to fight as a Hunter, it is required that they create their character with large proportions of their character being White, the same applies for Arkz' and the colour Black. Different colour hair styles is permitted, but it is expected that each contender wears their teams colours respectively.

For every team, members will be paired off, from which they will battle their opposition 4 times, two single matches and two team matches.

For a win: 3 points
A loss: o points

All Rebellion matches will be spectated by a team leader of either team, any Sub commander and any member of {SR} who wishes to view the match. Further more, non-{SR} members are more than welcome to attend any match.

(further rules will be uploaded shortly)


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