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Spica 2 [GC] Garnet 2 [XBOX]

Welcome to the home of the PSO StarRaiders

Welcome Hunter, to the home of the PSO StarRaiders, one of the biggest GC and Xbox, Phantasy Star Online clans around! {SR} was founded to provide a safe, fun legit environment for people all around the world, who play PSO . Since our humble beginnings in 02 {SR} have gone from strength to strength, building strong friendships with PSOL, and the PSO community. It's what were all about, enjoying the game and helping you! the player out. Where constantly running events big and small and they're always fun and different, drop into the {SR} forum if you have a question for us or just fancy a chat, we don't just talk about PSO.


Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2 Character Guide Added By {SR} Dark Rabbit

{SR} Rebellion has begun with the launch of the new mini site STILL under construction

The rebellion has begun, yes the mini site is now up, basically the {SR} Rebellion is an EP3 tournament that allows {SR} members to take the path of the Hunter or Ark. Prizes will be announced shortly.

Welcome Cubicle Gaming! Today we welcome "The Cubicle" to . A video game hints, tips and charts section ran by {SR}Derick

A new division of {SR} has been announced, headed by {SR}BeatX

The official Blocks of {SR} have been decided for {SR} by myself and {SR} Turin
GameCube:  Spica 2 [EU]
Xbox: Garent 2 [EU]

The new {SR} forum has opened! sign up for all the latest {SR} updates here

To celebrate the PSOLife reunion, {SR} will be holding its very own private Battle tournament, each team consists of two {SR} members, so get your entries into me ASAP. the winners will both receive a free Players Choice game courtesy of the admin at {SR}.

Plans for the {SR} c-mode have begun with {SR}Turin and {SR}Aerillas running two separate groups for EP1 C-1! To join the c-mode games simply go to the {SR} forum!


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To become an affiliate of {SR} simply mail us at: [email protected]

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