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{SR} Events 04-05

{SR} currently have 5 events planned for 04,the first two are battle tournaments for all three episodes of so. the prize for the EP1,2&3 tournament  is either a Players Choice, XBOX Classic or Platinum Game of their choice

*{SR}Banner competition - Click here for the results

*{SR}Rebellion (In progress)

*{SR} Battle tournament EP 1&2:

Teams of 2
Will commence during the final week of July 04

  • ALL battles will take place under battle rule 1 (most kills wins, use current equipment/level) Players get paired by the game so you will have to join in the correct order. 1 + 4 vs. 2+3.
  • The competition will be a knockout. The winning side of each tie moves forward into the next round. The losing side is eliminated


  • NO hacked weapons allowed. Anybody found to be deliberately breaking this rule will be banned from {SR} immediately. A weapon CANNOT have hit % of more than 80%. Other attributes CANNOT be more than 100% and only 3 attributes (excluding hit) can have a % greater than 0.
  • NO duped weapons allowed. Again, anybody found to be deliberately breaking this rule will be banned from {SR} immediately. Use your common sense here please. We all know what weapons we have traded for a likely to be legit and what are not. If you have any doubts, contact either myself or sir glen and we will help you reach a judgment.
  • Materials Materials ARE allowed. Any number of materials may be used. They must be completely legit and not duped.
  • Mags ANY mag may be used. Any level 200 mag is allowed so long as it is legit. Hacked mags include a pink sato with stats 5/0/0/195. A pink sato with stats 0/0/0/200 and various level 1304 mags (the most common being a chao)
  • Players will compete in pairs. Individual entries will be accepted and will be sorted into pairs. Team entries are allowed and encouraged.
  • Level Chars may not be higher in level than 40 (this is for each team member, not the sum of both)
  • No shows If either member of a team fails to turn up that team forfeits the match. The team with both players present MUST find another member of the PSOLife forums to confirm the time/place of the team and to confirm that both members of the opposing side are not present. In the case of only one player from each side showing, it is at the discretion of the two present players as to whether or not they settle the tie in a one on one battle or reschedule. This decision MUST be unanimous.

The Prizes (Hurrah)

The prize for each of the two winners is; a free Platinum game (ps2), Xbox classics (Xbox) or players choice game (GC) or YOUR choice!

Rappy Hunt 04
Further more, a big thank you to all who attended the Easter Rappy Hunt, it was a great success even though we hardly found a single egg! A similar event is planned for 05.


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