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Welcome friend, to the history of {SR}

It all started one day when I, Tom bought a GameCube and a copy of PSO (Phantasy Star Online EP1&2).  Then spent 2 weeks on the game then asked a friend if he wanted to play. He agreed and we started to play the game.  Both my friend and I got into the game very quickly and started to enjoy the game offline. Afterwards, I began to play the game online, from which I built up some lasting friendships with other PSO gamers. 

So much so that I asked other members of my family to join in offline.  They did and we had some great 4 player action on PSO.  It was then that I, my friends and family decided to create a team or "clan" as we call it. 

There was many suggestions on what the name would be, and after about 20 minutes of thinking Vexan came up with the StarRaider's ("Star" from Phantasy Star and "Raider's" which just sounded relevant)

Once I decided on a name, we started to expand.  First came the website which served us well and we began to build up a strong, positive reputation. After that, thing started to slow down.  Many of the clan member's had exams and there simply was not enough time to spend on the clan so we decided to put {SR} to the side...for a while..  4 months later I bought a new copy of PSO after selling the old one, and we re-formed {SR} 

Soon After Exams, I got back into the game and decided to get friends and the old member's involved again.  But this time we went about it differently.  We were always actively seeking new members to add to the clan and the feeling was much more positive.  We gained our newest member when Dai joined {SR}.  He was always up for a game and we had some great PSO parties (48 hour PSO Marathon's)

We were then approached by a forum.  They offered us a new home on their forum.  We took our time to think over it but decided eventually to take them up on their offer. During this time Vexan left the clan to pursue other ventures and the clan said goodbye. After that happened, a few weeks later things went well and the scene was hotting up.  But after a couple of weeks we decided to leave the forum for reasons known to the PSO Community .  We then, eventually moved to PSOLife.

  JOHNO was the first person to add a link to the clan's website and we are very grateful for this mention.

He offered us our own little forum to ourselves in his forum and since then the StarRaider's have been going from strength to strength.  We are constantly having more people apply for membership and we are honored that so many people want to join us and have fun. Events are constantly being planned and executed and Im very proud to have some of the worlds finest gamers join us, you see, {SR} isn't my clan, its every ones, they've made it what it is today

{SR} are constantly running events with real prizes and more importantly have a fantastic community structured around {SR}

Since then {SR} have moved on,  creating its very own forum and introducing, we hope you will join us in making {SR} even more successful in the very near future.

Thanks Tom




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To become an affiliate of {SR} simply mail us at: [email protected]

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