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The {SR} Elites

The {SR}Elites is a new division of {SR}. We have only just set up the division and are currently, only playing Halo on the Xbox. We will be soon be broadening our horizons by getting online with Halo 2 and of course every other upcoming game on Xbox live. Playing Halo on Xbox is done via XBConnect . New members are welcomed into the clan immediately and every effort is ensured to allow them to settle in and of course to have fun.
The clan will be holding our first LAN Tournament this July and a full report will be posted on the {SR} forum site for all to enjoy. Tournament details can be found here
The point of {SRE} is to allow you the player to play Xbox Live in a fun, competitive environment that regards skill and dedication!

Hope to see you all  soon
-Beat X500

Current Members

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Beat X500
scouterz (Halo 2 only)
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{SRE} News

The new {SR}Elite forum has opened! Check it out for all the latest {SRE} updates here
-Beat X500

To celebrate the opening of the {SRE} we will be holding our first LAN Tournament, all details can be found here
-Beat X500


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To become an affiliate of {SR} simply mail us at: [email protected]

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